“Rally Coaching is not just of benefit to rally drivers. Rally Coaching will improve any drivers car control and understanding of their actions on car behaviour”

Iain Duncan provides unique and tailored performance driver coaching to ensure you understand what you and your car are doing, giving you new confidence and skills so you can do it again and again in safety and at competition speed.

Performance driver coaching on a low grip surface enables a driver to freely explore the limits of traction, learning to control and even anticipate almost any scenario. 

With a rally coach, you can fast forward your learning in a way that would never be possible solo or on a race track/track day without being black flagged or ending your session in a gravel trap. 

Rally coaching will get the very best out of you by giving you the confidence to control your car at the absolute limit, the place you need to be to ultimately drive at your quickest.


Iain will take your driving to another level whether on road, tarmac circuit, ice, water or off road rally stage.


Iain works with the driver to extend your skill-set beyond what you thought possible.

Iain initially learnt and realised his driving potential at the Bill Gwynne Rallyschool. He has focused his efforts ever since as an instructor, dedicating all of his free time to his advancement in this field. Iain has gained valuable driver training experience at multiple venues including Castle Combe, Ice-Drive in Sweden, Silverstone Rally School and now as full time Chief Instructor at London Rally School.

Since starting at LRS Iain has been pivotal in bringing the school into line with the British Association of Rally Schools (BARS) and has completed the Motor Sport Association Level 2 coaching certification course to further his teaching abilities.


Putting this into practice on a daily basis Iain has instructed and coached well over 2000 drivers of every ability level on all surfaces with great and growing success, equating to several thousand hours coaching experience.

Iain is also a go-to driver for media requirements.

He has driven for multiple TV shows and documentaries such as,

Wheeler Dealers
The Gadget Show

and even had a main part in a music video for The Vamps ‘All Night’.

Iain Duncan

Rally Coach