Iain coaches all skill levels whether Championship standard or new to a motorsport vehicle.  The reviews and 

“I would also like to highly endorse the Chief Instructor Iain Duncan’s teaching methodology and skill-sets. As one qualified and experienced in hypnotic learning methods, I recognised and can attest that Iain is not only skilled in driving and teaching, but as importantly, is knowledgeable in embedding information into the sub-conscious mind. Iain knows how to ‘fractionate’ learning experiences, oscillating between one teaching point to another, with pauses that allow rapid, progressive learning. When he calls time for you to have a break, it’s not just to rest the mind, it’s a ‘tactical pause’ to allow learnings to settle. 

This is no mean feat and involves more sophistication than just monitoring and giving commands in a bored repetitive manner as 95% of instructors do whom are looking just to make money on the side. He is patient and genuinely passionate about instructing to all levels and this appears, as, if not more important to him than pure competition. I have only met a handful of such tutors’ in my professional and sporting pursuits and only one of them was in motorsports. Iain truly wants to increase the profile of rallying.

As one that had a semi-reasonable track career with a few scalps to my name and for comparison, I have also trained with some of the fantastic Flying Finns in rallying. I would rate the LRS, and in particular, Iain’s teaching as being more detailed, surgical and by default, more effective than I experienced in Scandinavia and my Nordic training was of a high standard too so kudos to the LRS team.”

“I had two days of 1-on-1 coaching with Iain Duncan focusing on 4wd driving. My initial expectations were to get input to “finetune” my lose surface driving. As it turned out, I had a lot more work to do as I my driving style was more rwd-based, not using the full potential of awd.

Thanks to Iain’s calm and analytical approach, I made a lot of progress in changing old habits which is always hard. I was very impressed with Iain as driving coach. I find that many driving coaches are very interested in driving but not so much in coaching. Iain is clearly both interested and passionate about the teaching aspect which made the exercise very effective.”

“Iain is a fountain of knowledge and it was great to see someone so enthusiastic about racing and rallying. He’s essentially a professor for rallying”

“I was a little nervous at first the instructor (Ian) was amazing. He was very knowledgable and pushed me to my full potential.”

“This wasn’t really an experience day, it was a snapshot of proper tuition, with fantastic instruction and the opportunity to apply your learning. I really enjoyed it but I most enjoyed the fact that the instructor (Iain) genuinely wanted me to get better at what I was doing.”

“His instruction was faultless and his patience was seemingly endless.”

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“His experience means he has intuition close to being psychic when it comes to anticipation and reaction on the track.”

“Iain is a great instructor, very encouraging and patient teaching my 18 and 20 year old children” 

“Our instructor, Iain, was fantastic, he really took time to teach us the physics of rally driving, and was really patient with us on the track.”

“The best bit though is the quality of tuition, which you can only get from someone who cares as much as Iain does.”

“He is acutely sensitive to individuals rather than a one size fits all approach.”

“Excellent day’s rallying with professional instructor Iain. Highly recommended.”

“Iain Duncan, the chief instructor is just brilliant. He really inspired me with confidence and he genuinely wants to see you do well. When you feel out of your comfort zone, doing things in a car that are totally alien to you, you need someone like Iain.”

 “On driving the car with Iain it quickly became clear that he was a man who loved everything about rallying and teaching it.

“My instructor was Iain Duncan. To say this was a man who lived and breathed Rally would be a major understatement. He was great at explaining the relationship between what you do in the car and how the car then responds depending on what you do, on what terrain and in what position.”

“Iain you were an excellent teacher so calm and collected.”

“I had a blast, Iain Duncan really knows his stuff, both from a pratical viewpoint and a theoretical viewpoint, he clearly does a LOT of research when he is away from the track”

“Both needed different styles of driving and this was shown with a passion by the instructor Ian.”

“Iain you were a world class coach and so glad i made the journey.”

“However you personally learn something new, Ian will ensure you are successful before you leave.”

“Iain was remarkable. He keenly identified my strengths and weaknesses tailoring our sessions so that I could knit those together – making the good things better and improving the stuff that was more difficult for me so I felt accomplished and positive throughout.”

“Iain is passionate about instruction and developing drivers and is very aware in understanding how different drivers learn and more importantly when they need a break to assimilate the new data.”

“Iain was fantastic, throwing so much enthusiasm into his training he made it an interesting day as well as a fun one.”

“A big stand out point for me was the level of instruction you received being so much more than just letting you go around the track probably not really knowing what to do.”

“Iain is a great instructor. He genuinely wants to teach you rather than just let you thrash around in the cars.”

“Iain is a fantastic instructor – he really understands different learning styles and learning pace. He’s patient and trusting – all in all couldn’t ask for a better instructor. “

“My instructor was Iain Duncan and he was excellent. If your worried that they’ll make you drive slowly, you’ve got another thing coming he kept saying “POWER, POWER, POWER!”

“My instructor Iain was fantastic. Extremely patient and informative throughout.”

“Iain the instructor not only knows his stuff, but is a top bloke.”

“What really made it was my instructor – Iain. He was very calm, very clear in his instructions and very encouraging.”

“Iain Duncan was my instructor he was great. A very encouraging and positive person”

“Having spent a lifetime in motorsport I can say that Iain Duncan is an exceptionally talented driving instructor.”

“1-1 training with Iain Duncan. Wow. It was a complete mental and physical workout. Iain pushed me to my limits through the day and by the end I was exhausted but really pleased with my progress.”

“Iain the coach is excellent – very patient and he tailors the experience to what you want out of it.”

“Iain Duncan, an extremely knowledgeable rally coach and racing driver.”

“Ian is a very patient and yet firm tutor who obviously enjoys what he does.”

“Iain is brilliant, an excellent teacher, patient and encouraging”

“Iain Duncan patiently encourages you to “Drive Fast” all the time !! He never gives up with pupils, and the driving techniques he teaches you are professional state of the art manoeuvres, as good as if not better than some of the “Flying Finns”

“Our instructor for the day, Iain was the flying haggis and he was exceptional”