What does tuition consist of?

Detailed and relevant theory, enforcing accurate fundamental knowledge also the correction and enhancement of existing knowledge.

This covers many subjects such as systems of learning, technique, physics, biology and psychology relevant to motorsport driving.

Practical coaching sessions, these are based entirely on the drivers current level of ability, knowledge and understanding.

Identifying and targeting key areas for development, making connections between the knowing of the theory with the doing in the drivers seat.

Debrief and guidance for further development, as a driver coach I don’t like you to feel dependent on me and my training.

I aim to give you the confidence, knowledge and understanding, the tools you need to develop by yourself far beyond the coaching sessions.

Why do you need coaching?

A very good question, one that most drivers will not know the answer to.

There are many things in motorsport driving that are far from intuitive and there are things that you need to know and develop that you would not naturally consider, of which technique is probably the smallest element. Most drivers regardless of experience and ability seem to share a common flaw, a lack of accurate knowledge and understanding in what being a motorsport driver actually involves.

Missing or misunderstood information in your fundamental knowledge leads to many performance influencing factors, lack of confidence, slow – missing or incorrect reactions (muscle memory), poor decision making ability such as the correct timing and effort of vehicle inputs.

Coaching is not instruction, yes there are things to learn so I will still be teaching and testing you however the endgame is all about getting you to operate and develop solo, to understand things in a way that ultimately makes complete sense to you. This is a challenging and rewarding goal to achieve as no two drivers are the same, we all process and interpret the outside world in very different ways.

Having solid and accurate foundation knowledge allows me to set you learning systems, the repetition of accurate learning systems allows the correct development of your subconscious reactions, it also improves your confidence, it allows you to accurately measure and understand what you are doing to the car and what it will give you in return (anticipation), it allows you to self assess your driving and find direction for further improvement.

There are many areas and systems that can be drastically improved, the worst part is you won’t even know there is anything missing or out of place in your driving, you probably do very well or are consistent in competition, trust me when I say that you don’t know what you don’t know until it’s either too late or someone shows you. Seat time without having correct learning systems and fundamental knowledge is in my opinion time spent practicing to make yourself better at being worse, the longer you practice the harder it is to correct.

Full day 1 to 1

09:00 Arrival – car prep etc

09:30 Theory

10:00 Practical training and development (Additional Theory during breaks where required)

12:30 Lunch

13:00 Practical training continues

16:30 Wrap up, driver debrief, areas for further development, set continued learning pathway for driver.

Full day group
As 1 to 1 left but:
Cheaper per driver as shared cost of the day.
Same overall timing as 1 to 1

Maximum of 5 students.

Combined theory sessions for all drivers.

Shared practical lesson time evenly split between drivers.

Freedom to practice solo to test new knowledge and techniques between coaching sessions.

Theory only

In depth theory only training/lectures

Any suitable location, single or group training.

Car Club
Car Show


Arrive and drive, open paddock max ratio of 1 training student and 4 testing vehicles at any time.

*all programs
Food & Drink

Food is not provided however provision are made for the heating of food ie oven, hobs and microwave. Tea and coffee, soft drinks available throughout.

Optional extras:
Camera footage,
Extra driving time

Full day 1 to 1
Oakley venue
£750 including venue hire

Other venues
£400 +venue hire

Full day group
Oakley venue
£750 including venue hire

Other venues
£400 +venue hire

Half day
0930-1230 or

+ venue rate

£150 for a half day
£300 for a full day
Available as 1to1 or group booking

Call for pricing as dependent on venue