Mission statement:
To increase driver performance through improved knowledge and confidence, maximum efficiency with minimal effort.

Driver coaching on any surface enables a driver to explore the limits of ability and available traction, learning to control and even anticipate almost any scenario. Through learning and coaching, you will fast forward your understanding in a way that would never be possible solo. This will get the very best out of you by giving you the confidence to control your car at the absolute limit comfortably, the place you need to be to ultimately drive at your best.

I provide unique and tailored performance driver coaching to ensure a complete understanding of what you and your car are capable of, giving you new confidence in many areas and a new set of refined skills so you can continue developing beyond the training, finding new limits and pace safety in your field of competition.

What makes a driver fast:

  1. Knowing how to accurately determine how much grip there is available.

  2. Knowing exactly when and how much effort to put into the car to best make use of that grip.

  3. The ability to accurately process this information quickly and efficiently 

Iain has gained valuable experience working with professionals and amateurs alike. Everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn.

Iain’s work with professional drivers such as F1, Le Mans driver and TV presenter Tiff Neddell affords him access to their skills which he can develop for you.