About Iain

As an officially certified UK Motorsport Level 2 Coach Iain will take your driving to another level whether on road, tarmac circuit, ice, water or off road rally stage.

I have always had a passion for rally but didn’t realise my true interest in rally and driving potential until I went to the Bill Gwynne Rally School around 10 years ago. Since that day I focused my efforts and ambition to becoming an instructor so that I could immerse myself in the sport, dedicating all of my free time to advancement in this field. I have gained valuable driver training experience at multiple venues including Castle Combe, Ice-Drive in Sweden, Silverstone Rally School and most recently four years as the full time Chief Instructor at London Rally School. 

Since starting at LRS I  have been pivotal in bringing the school into line with the British Association of Rally Schools (BARS) and have completed the Motor Sport Association Level 2 coaching certification course to further my teaching abilities. Putting this into practice on a daily basis I have now coached well over 2000 drivers of differing ability on all surfaces with great and growing success, equating to several thousand hours coaching experience. The combination of experience with accurate knowledge, research and proven driver application is the solid foundation on which my coaching ability is based on today. You will be amazed at how much more there is to learn, best part is you will not know what you don’t know. 

Along side my coaching I have had the pleasure of driving and speaking for multiple TV shows and documentaries such as
BBC News
Wheeler Dealers
Love Cars
The Gadget Show
and even had a main part in a music video for
The Vamps ‘All Night’


2015 to 2019, London Rally School, Chief Driving Instructor.

Since starting my role as Chief Instructor I have accumulated thousands of hours in car driver development experience on all surfaces and drivetrain types. Training is delivered at all levels from juniors with no experience to seasoned professionals and is individually tailored to the drivers needs.

Driving techniques are only one part of the training I deliver, once the driver is competent and comfortable with controlling the car I then start to develop the drivers knowledge and use of other biological elements such as the correct interpretation and understanding of visual and feel sensory inputs, managing psychological elements such as stress and hazard perceptions. The lessons are delivered at either 1 to 1 level or group level and have a well structured balance between practical and theory, again this is tailored to the requirements and abilities of the drivers.

Alongside the training role I also carry out all the maintenance on the school vehicles from complete engine and gearbox rebuilds on the MK2 escorts to fault diagnostics and rectification of the more modern Subaru and Mitsubishi vehicles. Welding and fabrication is also a huge part of my role as is the continual maintenance of the grounds on which the vehicles operate.

2001 to 2015 Royal Air Force
Propulsion, air to air refuelling and airframes systems engineer.

Mostly as part of 101 Squadron Heavy Rectification Flight (HRF) dealing with major systems fault diagnosis, testing and rectification of the VC10 aircraft, including installation and ground testing of the aero engines and associated systems.

Awarded Engineering Science Aviation Group trophy in 2012 for ‘Outstanding contribution to engineering’ on 101 Sqn.  My final tour was on the new Pump Mk2 helicopter platform in the role of instructor for the Puma Depth Support Hub.

This role included, the delivery of training to all personnel on new highly complex aircraft systems and procedures, building and developing lesson plans conforming to the latest legislation and training guidelines.

95 to 99 Agricultural engineering and Farm Machinery operator including 2 years at Oatridge Agricultural College, student of the year 96/97.

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Iain is a member of Its My Motorsport. A motorsport collective based in the UK competing at club level in stage rallies, speed hill climbs and sprinting.

Its My Motorsport sponsor Phil Hall a professional co-driver in the World Rally Championship. If you like rallying then please view their website at:
and their Facebook page at :